Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reset my password?

On the login page, click Forgot Password, enter the email associated with your account, and click Send Instructions. The instruction email will arrive in your inbox shortly. In the instruction email, click Reset Password and you will be directed to select a new password before being redirected to the catalog page.


How do I change my password?

Once signed into your account, you can change your password by clicking My Account or Dashboard from the top navigation menu. Select Password and update your password.


How do I update my billing information?

Once signed into your account, you can update your billing information by clicking My Account or Dashboard from the top navigation menu. Select Billing and update your billing information.

How do I receive the $2.99 Member Subscription?

IDA TV general subscriptions are $7.99 per month, however, if you are an IDA paying member, you will receive a reduced subscription for just $2.99.  To become a member, go to  https://dyslexiaida.org/membership-levels/ and sign up.

A membership representative will then send you a special link for your member subscription. When using the link, you must provide your IDA membership number.

How do I cancel my recurring subscription?

Once signed into your account, you can cancel your recurring subscription by clicking My Account or Dashboard from the top navigation menu. Select Billing and locate your subscription plan at the bottom of the page.  Click Change Plan and Cancel Membership. Your membership will be cancelled and your access will be removed at the end of your current payment period.


My credit card is being declined.  Why is that?

Many credit/debit cards have online purchase restrictions. If your card is being declined, please contact your credit card company to let them know the purchase you would like to make is valid. Also, certain credit/debit cards do not allow for recurring subscription billing, and therefore, may be denied.



My video does not playback smoothly. How can I fix this?

Video playback depends on several factors. To improve your playback experience, make sure you have a fast, stable internet connection. We recommend using the most recent version of Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. You may experience playback issues with outdated devices and browsers.


Can I watch videos on my TV?

Yes!  IDA is diligently working on creating an app to bring this access to you.  Our goal is to provide quality content to you where it suites your needs.  We hope to have this aspect of the platform completed in the near future.  All subscribers will be notified when this service becomes available.  Stay tuned!   


Can I watch videos on my TV without using an app?

Yes. By connecting your laptop directly to your TV with an HDMI cable, you will be able to watch videos from our site on your TV.


Can I watch videos on my phone or tablet without using an app?

Yes. Our website adapts to phone and tablet browsers so you can watch our content anywhere!


Which browsers are supported?

While we recommend using the latest version of Google Chrome, we also support Firefox and Safari browser released within the last five years.  You may experience playback issues when using an out of date browser or any version of Internet Explorer.



What is My Library?

My Library is a feature on your catalog page designed to help you find your individual or bundled purchases. My Library automatically appears at the top of your catalog page if you have purchased an individual video, collection, or bundle either individually or as part of your subscription. The content in My Library displays in the order it was originally created or uploaded  with most recent displaying first.

What is IDA TV Dashboard?

The Dashboard is where subscribers/customers can change their name and password, cancel and change their subscription, and view billing information. You must be logged in to see this Dashboard option.



How do I access IDA 2020 Conference Videos?

At this time, IDA 2020 Conference videos are available to Conference Premium registrants only. From time to time, IDA will release specific collections for purchase by other subscribers/customers. The release of these collections will be announced via IDA’s eblast announcements.

How do I suggest new topics for video content?

We are always seeking new and fresh ideas for content. Our goal is to provide content that inspires professionals, families, and individuals with dyslexia to increase access to quality resources and reading instruction.

If you have a video content idea or topic, please feel free to email us at IDATV@dyslexiaida.org